A 43-year-old man was arrested in Waterville late Friday night after an attempted kidnapping, a police chase on the road and on foot, and resisting arrest.

Female Passenger Flagged Down Officer

The Waterville Police Department said Officer Riley Dowe was on patrol around 11:30 pm when he was flagged down by a female passenger in a vehicle who was “frantically waving her hands in what appeared to be a gesture for help.”

High Speed Pursuit

Dowe tried to pull the car over on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville, but the driver, Brian Charette, took off and led police on a high speed chase heading north on I-95. Police stayed in pursuit “concerned for the well-being of the female in the vehicle.” Charette continued into Fairfield and Oakland.

Spike Mats and K-9 Team

Oakland Police assisted Waterville Police by using spike mats. The tires on the vehicle started to deflate, but Charette continued to drive onto a side street. Charette got out of the vehicle and ran from officers. A K-9 team, Officer Dinsmore and K-9 Riggs, pursued him. Police said, Charette “jumped up on a platform to avoid the K-9,” and was taken into custody “after a brief struggle.”

Waterville Police - Officer Dinsmore and K-9 Riggs
Waterville Police - Officer Dinsmore and K-9 Riggs

Multiple Charges

Charette was out on bail for Domestic Violence Assault, Criminal Restraint, and Criminal Mischief.

He faces several charges including “Kidnapping for refusing to release the female passengers from his vehicle, and causing risk of serious injury to said victims, Eluding and Officer, Driving to Endanger, Motor Vehicle Speeding 30+ over the limit, Aggravated Reckless Conduct, Violation of Conditions of Release and Refusing to Submit to Arrest.”

Police said the female passenger who flagged down police “had become scared when Charette made a comment that he would not stop for police if they attempted to stop him.”

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Comment from Interim Police Chief

Waterville Interim Police Chief William Bonney praised the officers for their work:

These types of pursuits are incredibly dangerous, however are sometimes necessary to ensure the safety of potential victims. The dangers are mitigated by the training and professionalism exhibited by the officers as well as the coordination between mutual aid departments.

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