A 37-year-old man was arrested Monday afternoon following a police chase and crash in Surry, Maine.

Man in Stolen Vehicle Refused to Pull Over for Police

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office said Jon McDowell was driving a stolen vehicle and refused to pull over for police on Blue Hill Road around 3 pm.

Police Stop Chase due to Danger

Officers pursued the Chevrolet Equinox and were unable to stop the vehicle. The chase was terminated due to the danger to the public.

No One Inside Vehicle after Crash

McDowell went off the road and crashed the vehicle soon after. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, no one was inside the overturned vehicle.

Suspect Went Inside Nearby Residence

Police located McDowell as he emerged from the woods, but were not able to apprehend him. McDowell went inside a residence where he was arrested.

Multiple Charges

McDowell was charged with unauthorized taking or transfer, driving to endanger, operating after suspension and failing to report an accident.

Taken to Jail

He was transported to the Hancock County Jail.

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