A 24-year-old man was sentenced to two years in prison for crashing into four Maine State Police Troopers in Hollis.

Four Troopers Seriously Injured in OUI Crash

The incident happened in August 2023 when Tyler Croston was operating under the influence and hit the officers in a driveway on Route 202.

York County Sheriff's Office

Pleaded Guilty to Aggravated Assault

Croston entered a plea deal on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to four counts of Aggravated Assault. OUI charges were dropped in the plea agreement, said WGME News.

York County Sheriff's Office

Six Surgeries for Four Injured Troopers

The four Troopers were seriously injured in the crash, requiring six surgeries. Two of the Troopers are back on duty and two are still recovering.

14 More Months in Prison

Croston has already served 10 months and will spend another 14 months behind bars.

No Alcohol or Drug Use

He will have three years of supervised release and is prohibited from alcohol and drug use.

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