Did This Really Happen in Maine?

You don’t expect something like this could happen anywhere, especially in Maine. Not just once but twice - for different reasons. Luckily, no was hurt.

OUI Summons and Lost Driver

Both of these incidents happened in Portland, Maine over the weekend. One ended in a summons for OUI, according Police. The second incident was a lost driver. It’s very lucky the drivers were not injured and no one else was hurt. 

She Said She was Following Her GPS

The first driver drove through the garage at the Police Station. She told authorities she was just following her GPS. She drove across a pedestrian plaza and ended up trying to drive down the stairs at the station. She was heading to a pretty busy street in Portland. Police said the “responding officers felt it was her excessive blood alcohol level.”

Wrong Turn in Portland

The other car was an out of towner that didn’t know the way around the city. You can’t get there from here. Portland Police said the driver was not impaired, adding that he didn’t “realize he was driving down the railroad tracks off of Congress Street until it was too late.”

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No Injuries Reported

We were glad no one was hurt. These two mishaps could have gone wrong for the people involved or for innocent bystanders. A big shout out to the Portland, Maine Police Department for being there when we needed them.

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