A 58-year-old man from Waterford crashed into a utility pole Monday night on Roosevelt Trail in Naples, leaving the vehicle suspended on the power lines.

Vehicle Left the Rad and Hit Telephone Pole

Ronald Spiller from Waterford was driving a Ford Escape when the crash happened around 8:30 pm in the area of Lake’s Plaza on Route 302. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said “the vehicle left the roadway and struck a telephone pole.”

Cumberland County Sheriff's Office
Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

Police: inattention or Distraction may be Factors

The Sheriff’s Office said, “it is believed that driver inattention or distraction may have been a contributing factor.” Spiller was evaluated at the scene and was not taken to the hospital.

Road Closed for Several Hours

Route 302 was closed for several hours as the road was cleared and power was restored. Police said the crash investigation remains open.

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