Two People Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Millinocket, Maine

On Friday, October 21, 2022, the East MIllinocket Police Department arrested a man and a woman for drug trafficking after an investigation over several months.

Search Warrant Executed on Penobscot Avenue

Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant on Penobscot Avenue in Millinocket where they located fentanyl and drug trafficking evidence.

Arrests and Charges

Both 50-year-old Kristopher Hersey and 50-year-old Tammy McLain from Millinocket were arrested and charged with Aggravated Unlawful Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs. They were taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

Agencies Involved in the Investigation

Multiple agencies were involved in the investigation including the Maine Warden Service, the Piscataquis Sheriff’s Office K9 Team, and members of the East Millinocket Police Department.

More Information, Social Media and Additional Resources

Follow the East Millinocket Police Department on Facebook for regular posts for the local area. Read more about a recent arrest made in the town of Millinocket. Another article to read is a crash at the Treatment Plant.

You can visit the Facebook page for the Maine Warden Service on and follow the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

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