Glass with Class Moving to Caribou

Glass with Class is moving from Presque Isle to Caribou in May to expand the business in a larger space. Lisa Wark is the owner of the art store where she offers stained glass workshops, supplies, finished products for sale and more.

Expanding in New Location

Wark's last day on Main Street in Presque Isle is May 7. She’s looking forward to the move and plans to be open in the new location at 53 Herschel Street in Caribou right after the 4th of July. Wark said Presque Isle has been very good to her. “I love where I am right now in Presque Isle, but I can’t really expand more just because of the size. I want to offer more forms of art.”

Google Maps
Google Maps

Work and Renovations

There’s some work to be done at the new place in Caribou before Glass with Class opens. Wark said, “We're doing some renovations. I’m going to make the shelves so they hold glass. There are some walls I want to take down and get the floors ready. Get it cleaned and get my inventory over there, and get everything set up.”

Take a look at the video of the new location:

Reasons for Relocating

Wark said another reason for the move is the commute and family. “I live at Madawaska Lake. The drive to Presque Isle everyday was kind of a lot. I have a granddaughter who lives with me and she goes to school in Caribou. It’s closer to home and I’m ready to offer more things too.”

Expanding Workshops

Once the space is finished, Wark said she will expand workshops and other art projects for kids, teens and families. “I want to get people in there for teen workshops and kid workshops. I want to offer painting, sculpting and a place for people who make necklaces.”

Glass with Class
Glass with Class

A Place to Learn

If you’re already an artist or just have an interest in it, Glass with Class has a lot of options. “In 2 ½ hours you can make a nice stained glass piece and take it home with you. I teach people how to do stained glass from start to finish. I do mosaics, stepping stones, yard art. I have things for the kids like staining parties. Things for the teenagers as well and private parties.”

Glass with Class
Glass with Class
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More Information

For more information about Glass with Class, visit their Facebook page.

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