A 37-year-old Presque Isle man was shot by police and arrested Wednesday after trying to run an officer over with a UTV.

Suspect Fled from Police in Stolen Truck

The Caribou Police Department said Officer Kevin St. Peter saw Marc Beaulieu driving a stolen Chevrolet truck around 1:35 am. Peter tried to pull him over, but Beaulieu refused to stop and fled the scene. 

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant for theft of the truck was then obtained, said CPD.

Foot Chase after Resisting Arrest

Officer Doug Bell located Beaulieu at the First Choice Market on Sweden Street in Caribou around 5:45 am. Bell tried to arrest Beaulieu who resisted and escaped on foot. Bell pursued him. 

Man Tried to Run Officer Over with an UTV

“Beaulieu fled in a stolen utility terrain vehicle (UTV) and tried to run Officer Bell over, at which time Officer Bell shot Beaulieu,” said Caribou Police Chief Michael Gahagan.

Suspect Arrested and Taken to Cary for Injuries

Beaulieu escaped and was later apprehended in Woodland by the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken to Cary Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Officer and Injured and Taken to Hospital

“Officer Bell was injured when he tried to avoid being hit by Beaulieu. He was treated and released from Cary Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. He will be placed on administrative leave, as is standard practice in police-involved shootings,” said Chief Gahagan.

Charged with Attempted Murder

Beaulieu was charged with attempted murder and faces multiple charges.

Ongoing Investigation

The Office of the Attorney General is investigating the use of deadly force and the Maine State Police is investigating the underlying criminal conduct.

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