A 26-year-old man from Monticello was seriously injured Wednesday afternoon after his tractor-trailer hit and derailed a train at a railroad crossing on Route 11 in Masardis.

Tractor-Trailer Collided with Train in Masardis, Maine

The Maine State Police said James Tapley was driving a tractor-trailer southbound on Route 11 around 1:18 pm. The semi, owned by Bartlett Forest Products of Amity, was hauling wood chips.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Train Derailed

Tapley's tractor-trailer “was unable to stop when it hit the train causing the train to derail,” Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

Tractor-Trailer Driver had Serious Injuries

Tapley had serious injuries and was taken by Ashland Ambulance to Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital in Presque Isle.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

No Injuries on Train

No one on the train was reported to have injuries.

Dog Taken to Vet

A dog that was riding in the tractor-trailer was transported to an area veterinarian. The dog’s condition was not released.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Railroad Crossing Re-Opened

The railroad crossing was closed. "Removal of the train was completed earlier than anticipated, the road is now re-open. The crash remains under investigation,” said Moss.

First Responders on the Scene

Assisting the Maine State Police was MaineDOT, Maine Forestry Service, Ashland Police Department, Ashland Ambulance, Masardis Fire Department, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

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