ATV Ordinance in Fort Fairfield

The Fort Fairfield Police Department is reminding everyone of the ordinance to allow ATVs to operate on town maintained streets in the city.

The ATV Ordinance Open Road Access is for Fort Fairfield residents who can not tow their ATV or have a trailer to take their all terrain vehicles to the park and ride.

Driving on Town Roads and not State Routes

Residents of Fort Fairfield are allowed to drive to the nearest ATV trail on town roads and not on any State roads such as Routes like 1A, 161 and 167. 

Speed Limit and Right of Way

In addition, ATV operators must stay far to the right of the town roadways while driving to the trail. Your speed must not exceed 15 mph. Drivers must also yield to the right of way of pedestrians and other vehicles. The vehicle must be registered to operate in the town of Fort Fairfield, Maine.

“Common Misconception” for ATV Operators

The advisory was posted on the Fort Fairfield Police Department Facebook page to clear up any “common misconception that this ordinance gives all ATV operators the privilege to operate their ATVS at will on town streets, this is not the case,” said the post.

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Link to the Ordinance

Read the full ATV Ordinance Open Road Access document on the FFPD’s Facebook page. Follow them on social media for updates on ATVS and for other news and information related to the town and its agencies.

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