The East Millinocket Police Department arrested a 45-year-old man Friday after he harassed people at a local establishment, struggled with police and attempted to cause damage to a cruiser.

Disorderly Conduct and Harassment at Local Establishment

 Police were called to a local business around 9 pm where Alejandro Santana-Hernandez from Providence, Rhode Island was being disorderly and making “disturbing and vulgar statements.”

Struggled and Refused to Comply with Law Enforcement

Santana-Hernandez told police he could only speak Spanish. Officer Clayton used a translation tool to communicate. During the interaction, Santana- Hernandez “grabbed Ofc Clayton's wrist and arm and refused to let go after being ordered to do so multiple times,” said police. There was a brief struggle until he was taken into custody. Officer Clayton and Officer Hallett struggled with him and he refused to comply as they tried to put him in the police car.

Attempted to Damage Police Cruiser

Once secured in the cruiser, Santana-Hernandez tried to damage the police cruiser. The East Millinocket Police said “Ofc Clayton was then assisted by Ofc Hallett, Sgt Gee and Cpl Fitzgerald, all of whom were needed to restrain Santana-Hernandez and secure him for transport.” Santana-Hernandez again tried to damage one of the police cars and “additional restraints were required to safely transport” him to the Penobscot County Jail.

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Charged with Assault and Refusing Arrest

He is facing several charges including Assault and Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention.

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