One woman died and four people were injured Saturday after a head-on collision in Limington.

Woman Died at the Scene

The Maine State Police said 32-year-old Casey Lubell from Ipswich, Massachusetts was pronounced dead at the scene.

Crash at Intersection

The crash happened around 12:12 pm at the intersection of Route 117 and Route 11.

Three Vehicle involved in Crash

Three vehicles were involved in the accident. When Troopers arrived, “two vehicles were still in the roadway, and one struck the front porch of a house at the intersection,” said police.

Three People in One Vehicle Taken to the Hospital

Lubell was the backseat passenger in the head-on collision. Three other people in the vehicle were injured and taken to the hospital.

Driver in Other Vehicle Injured

The driver of the other car was also injured and transported to the hospital.

Road Closed and Ongoing Investigation

The road was closed for almost three hours. The investigation is ongoing.

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