A 38-year-old man will serve eight years in prison for robbery related to a fatal shooting in Lewiston in 2022.

Sentenced to 14 Years with Six Years Suspended

Andrew Stallings from Rumford was sentenced on Thursday to 14 years with six years suspended. He pleaded guilty after a plea deal and had his charges reduced to two counts of Robbery.

Originally Charged as an Accomplice to Murder

Stallings was originally facing charges as an accomplice to a fatal shooting on River Street in Lewiston where 37-year-old Nichols Blake was found shot and dead in 2022.

Police Reported to a Robbery Call in 2022

Officers were investigating the report of a robbery when they found Blake, said WGME News.

Co-Defendant Faces Murder Charge

The co-defendant in the case, 49-year-old Barry Zollarcoffer from Lewiston, is facing a murder charge.

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