One man died after being electrocuted and another man suffered an electric shock early Friday morning following a crash in Frenchville.

One Man Died and One Injured after Crash in Aroostook County

The Maine State Police said 20-year-old Landen Ouellette from Madawaska was driving on Airport Avenue with a passenger, 19-year-old Curtis Levesque from Madawaska around 12:11 am Friday.

Vehicle Hit a Utility Pole

“Ouellette lost control of the vehicle, a 2015 Ford F-150, and went off the roadway striking a utility pole that took down power lines,” said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

Passenger Electrocuted and Died

Both Ouellette and Levesque got out of the vehicle. “After exiting the vehicle, Levesque started walking back to the truck, tripped on a downed power line, and was electrocuted,” said Moss.

Man Died at the Scene

Crews from the Frenchville Fire Department and Madawaska Ambulance Service gave him aid, but he died at the scene.

Driver Electrocuted and Injured

“In the process of trying to help Levesque, Ouellette suffered an electric shock. He suffered minor injuries and was treated at Northern Maine Medical Center,” said Moss.

Police Said Speed and Ice were Factors

“Speed and icy road conditions are considered factors in the crash,” said Police.

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First Responders on the Scene

The investigation remains open. First responders on the scene included the Maine State Police, the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office, Presque Isle Police Department, Frenchville Fire Department, Madawaska Ambulance Service, Frenchville Public Works, and Versant Power.

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