A 46-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman were arrested for Drug Trafficking after police found fentanyl during a traffic stop in Sanford on Monday night.

Drug Trafficking Fentanyl

The York County Sheriff’s Office said Jason Mowry and Kellie Littlefield were taken into custody around 10:30 pm. 

Suspects Part of Drug Investigation

Both Mowry and Littlefield were involved in a recent drug investigation where Littlefield was arrested and charged with Felony Drug Possession.

K9 Alerted to Drugs

Deputy Alex Markellos called Deputy Frazier and K9 Rebel to the scene. Narcotics were detected and a search of the vehicle was done.

53.2 Grams of Fentanyl Seized

Deputies found 4.3 grams of fentanyl where Mowry was driving. Littlefield was also searched and 48.9 grams of fentanyl was located on her person. The vehicle stop yielded a total of 53.2 grams of fentanyl.

Two People Face Charges

Mowry was charged with Unlawful Drug Trafficking and Violation of Conditions of Release. Littlefield faces charges for Aggravated Drug Trafficking and two counts of Violation of Conditions of Release.

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