When is the Maine Potato Blossom Festival?

The 73rd annual Maine Potato Blossom Festival said they are moving ahead with plans for the event July 10-18 in Fort Fairfield.

A tentative schedule of activities and events is posted on the town’s website. Officials said they are updating the information as conformations are made. The deadline to confirm all activities is May 30th when the brochures and commemorative booklet go to publishing.

What events will take place?

Plans include extra safety guidelines for attendees. Many of the events will take place. Some will not happen this year. Organizers said pageants and the Mash Potato Wrestling are not planned. The hope is for these events to come back next year. Also, The Family Canoe and Kayak Day on Monson Pond will not go on this year. Potato Blossom staff said there are concerns with social distancing.

Is the parade scheduled?

Organizers said the parade is still pending. The decision will be made soon. 

The Maine Potato Blossom thanked volunteers and the sponsors for continued support. 

The Maine Potato Blossom Festival also announced the retirement of Kathy Maynard who organized the pageant for close to 30 years.

Their post on Facebook said:

“We appreciate all the years of dedication that Kathy has given to the success of our pageants. She has touched the lives of so many young ladies over the years and given them so much guidance in the process.“

More info

Check the Maine Potato Blossom Festival on Facebook for updates and registration information.

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