Student Caught in School Bus Door as it Drives Away

A student in Auburn was caught in a school bus door as it drove down the street on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Chandler Benway was getting off the bus at his stop and was still holding on as he tried to exit. According to WGME, the driver shut the door on his arm and started driving several blocks.

Mother Said He was Driven almost 60 Feet

Chandler said he had to pick his legs up to avoid any more injuries. His mother, Danielle Benway said he was dragged almost 60 feet. The bus was traveling on Spring Street to Porch Street and Hampshire Street in Auburn.

Witnesses Alerted the Bus Driver

People who saw it happening tried to get the school bus driver's attention. One individual was able to get the driver’s attention to stop the bus.

No Serious Injuries to the Student

Benway received a call about her son and went to the scene. She said her son’s arm was red and his pants were torn. Police said Chandler was taken to the hospital, but did not sustain any serious injuries.

Statement from School Superintendent

No information was released about the bus driver. A statement from the school superintendent said their “thoughts and prayers are with Chandler and his family.”

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News Updates and Additional Details

This news story from Auburn will be updated when information is released to the media and public. Follow the Auburn Police on Facebook.

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