A 74-year-old man from Bradford, Maine died Friday after his snowmobile fell through the ice on Seboeis Lake, near Millinocket.

Maine Man on Snowmobile Dies after Falling Through the Ice on Seboeis Lake, Maine

Dive teams from the Maine Game Wardens found the body of Allen Cole Jr. around 8:55 am Saturday morning, January 7.

Family Contacted the Warden Service to Report Him Missing

Cole was last seen on Friday afternoon around 2 pm after he met up with another fisherman at a boat landing, according to the Maine Warden Service.

When Cole did not return home, his family contacted the Warden's Office around 7 pm on Friday.

Maine Wardens Followed Snowmobile Tracks to Hole in the Ice

Spokesperson for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Mark Latti, said Cole was looking for ice fishing spots with his dog. Around 10:30 pm on Friday, Wardens found the dog safe and sound. 

Officials with the Maine Game Wardens said they found tracks from his snowmobile that lead to a hole in Seboeis Lake, located just south of the town of Millinocket in T4 R9.

Ice Safety Reminder Issued by Maine Game Wardens

An advisory was issued as a reminder that ice conditions on some of the larger lakes may not be completely frozen. Lt. Tom Ward from the Maine Warden Service said, “ice conditions vary throughout the state, and while ice may be safe on smaller lakes and ponds, many of Maine’s larger lakes still have not frozen completely. Please check the ice before heading out onto the ice.”

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Ice Safety Video

Maine Game Wardens recently posted a video to their homepage about ice safety and checking to see if waterways are frozen. The video demonstrates how to use an ice chisel and other methods to test the thickness of ice before traveling on the surface.  (See below).

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