There's one place to go to get the latest updates on snowmobile trails around Aroostook County, Maine. It’s the Official Snowmobile Trail Report from the Caribou Parks and Recreation Dept., from the desk of Gary Marquis.

People in the County who love snowmobiling have been relying on this information for years as it is reliable and connects the different trails and clubs into one accessible resource.

The details are current and posted on a regular basis to address the changes in conditions that affect the trails.

When you go to the report, you’ll see an overview of how things look on a general basis. Then the trails are discussed one by one in detail. There are discussions of the signage posted, the latest on grooming, when there’s good snow and when better snow is needed, safety on lakes and waterways, events and activities happening at local snowmobile clubs, and much more.

The updates include all parts of Aroostook County from the northern areas to the central and southern parts.

The information is posted on the Caribou Parks and Recreation website. There’s a link at the top of the page. We’ve shared it here. You can also get a link to the report on Facebook.

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report, January 19, 2022

We encourage anyone going out on the trails to take a look at it and get familiar with the current conditions. You’ll always know what to expect as we head deeper into the snowmobile season.

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The Caribou Parks and Recreation Department is located at 55 Bennett Drive in Caribou, Maine. For more information or if you have any questions, you can send an email or call (207) 493 - 4224.

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