Finally, we can put an end to the age-old dinner argument of, "Should we get pizza or Chinese food?" with the introduction of the pu pu platter pizza. And yes, it's as amazing as you think.

This epic pie is the latest addition to Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub who consistently go out of the box with their dishes and especially their pizzas. Earlier this year they hit viral fame with their fried pickle pizza and recently had a Thanksgiving pizza with all the fixins.

The pu pu platter pizza features, well, everything you could want in a pu pu platter! Fried rice, fried chicken, beef teriyaki, shrimp, pork spare rigs, cabbage egg rolls, and orange sauce to top it all off. But, you should probably leave the chopsticks at home for this one.

This pizza took the idea of comfort food and took things to a whole 'nother level. Honestly, it's exactly what 2020 needed. A Chinese food pizza and a large ice-cold beer.

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub is located at 156 Maple Street in Cornish.

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