A long tradition seems to be coming to an end here in Northern Maine. People have been replaced by machines it seems, at least as far as the Potato Harvest goes.

B4bees, Flickr
B4bees, Flickr

Growing up I remember picking potatoes in my Grandfathers field alongside my family. Then when I got older, working on the harvester with friends and in the potato house during school vacations. What great memories I have from those days!

I can still smell those nasty, rotten potatoes we would throw at each other! I remember wearing layers upon layers of clothing and shedding them as the day went on, tying my hair back with a bandana, hot coffee, bagged lunches and praying for a breakdown so that we could take 5 minutes to rest. Those were the days!

Many schools in Aroostook County have scrapped the 3 week harvest break that we would so look forward to as children, growing up. It’s sad to see that tradition come to an end, knowing my daughter will never have the opportunity to truly know what manual labor really is all about.

Now that you’ve heard some of my memories, what are yours? Tell me on Facebook!

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