The Pay as You Throw program will officially end Friday, March 31st. However, recycling, which is so important for our environment, will continue. There are three options for residents in the greater Presque Isle area to recycle.

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The first option is to take your recyclables directly to the landfill. There is no charge to drop off recyclables. However, the recyclables must be in a plastic bag.

The second option is to take your recyclables to the recycling center on Missile Street. No bag is required to drop off your recyclables here and there is no charge.

The third option applies only if you have contracted with a trash collection service (Star City Sanitation or Gil’s Sanitation). Once you have established service with one of these waste haulers, you may leave your recyclables at the curbside for pick-up. The recyclables must be in a blue bag to be picked up and recycled by the trash collection service. You can use any blue bag. Blue bags may be purchased at Graves’ Shop ‘n Save (available at customer service desk), Walmart, Bradley’s, Steaks N’ Stuff (available at check-out register), and Save-A-Lot (available at check-out register).

If you have any questions, you may call Public Services at 760-2712 or visit the City of Presque Isle website. You can also check out the FAQs.

The Division of Solid Waste strives to meet the current and future needs of its citizens by providing cost-effective handling of the solid waste generated by the residents of Presque Isle and neighboring communities. Handling of the City's solid waste is performed in an environmentally friendly manner to include landfill disposal, recycling, and composting.

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