Have you ever seen a moose chased by a deer? How about a moose being "chased" by a John Deere tractor? You’d think that would happen everyday in Aroostook County, Maine, but it doesn’t. Yes, the tractors are out and about taking care of harvest, and the moose are out and about doing what moose do best. but to get the two of them together and capture it on TikTok is a rare occurrence.

@upnorthinmaineThe stuff you see while cutting the grass in Northern Maine. #moose#deer#maine #mainecheck #thecounty #aroostookcounty♬ original sound - Eric Huoppi

We were talking to people at work about their moose experiences and most people have seen a real, live moose in the woods or along the roadway. Some of us had never seen a live moose in the wild - even though we are all from Maine and lived here all our lives.

Is that not normal? Have most Mainers seen a moose in their yard or hunting - or running across a field with a tractor on its tail?

For that matter, the question came up about bears and seeing one in its natural habitat. Most people have not witnessed something like that. It’s probably for the better not to see a bear and catch it off guard or have it catch you off guard - especially if it has cubs.

Moose are something to watch out for too. They are huge. You’re most likely safe in a John Deere tractor, but that’s not how most people encounter moose. They are prone to charge and be territorial - not the tractor, the moose. We’re told all the time to give moose their space and avoid startling them. You’re not supposed to approach them either. Someone needs to tell the tractor driver that.

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