Three people have been arrested after a month-long investigation into drug trafficking by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Month-Long Investigation into Drug Trafficking

Officials said the case focused on people from outside Maine traveling to Washington County to “coordinate with local drug traffickers to distribute the illegal drugs.” Agents purchased drugs as part of the investigation.

Arrested for Outstanding Warrant

On Wednesday, July 26, MDEA Agents and Deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security arrested 42-Year-old Mandy Kane in Cherryfield on an outstanding warrant for Drug Trafficking. She is charged with Unlawful Trafficking.

Suspect had Firearm Concealed in Pocket

Law enforcement also apprehended 20-year-old Samantha Jo Moore in her vehicle. She had a warrant out for Aggravated Drug Trafficking in Fentanyl. The passenger in the vehicle, 20-year-old Willis Wynn, was also arrested and charged with Theft related to a firearm concealed in Wynn’s pocket. Moore was charged with Unlawful Trafficking and Wynn faces charges for Aggravated Unlawful Trafficking.


Cocaine Base and Fentanyl Seized with Warrant

MDEA Agents executed a search warrant at Wynn’s room at the Red Barn Motel in Milbridge. Authorities seized 66 grams of cocaine base and 41 grams of fentanyl. “Wynn was also charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Cocaine and Fentanyl related to the seized drugs,” said the MDEA. All three were taken to the Washington County Jail.

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