Hey, gardeners…hey, bulk shoppers, if you are the type of person who ends up with extras of the good stuff out of the garden and wants to up your game on preserving that food, the University of Maine is holding a series of webinars on food preservation.  

This is the second workshop of the series on June 15th from noon to 12:45, and it looks at dehydrating foods to preserve them. Other webinars will focus on fermenting and the different styles of canning.  

It will be interactive, so you will be able to ask questions and be involved if you like. The cost of this is only $5, but you do need to register so they can send you the link.  

You can sign up at extension.umaine.edu, and this is the link you will need to sign up for this workshop and keep an eye on the other workshops they have coming up over the next few months.  

If you can't wait for the workshops and want to get a head start the  extension.umaine.edu link has many valuable videos, frequently asked questions about different subjects, and valuable resources to start you on your food preservation journey. They even have an elevation chart of the various cities and towns in Maine, necessary information if you are canning as the water boils at a lower temperature in higher elevations. Hence, you need to adjust or have under-processed food that is not safe for long-term storage.

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