A Wet & Cooler March and April

Just when we thought it was Spring, The end of March is going to be wet and cooler than normal, and maybe even some of April. Not what we wanted to hear, but we’re from Maine and know this comes with the season sometimes.

What’s Causing the Cooler Weather Pattern?

It’s called the “Greenland Block,” according to WGME. In layman’s terms, it’s a high pressure system that sits over Greenland and affects our weather in Maine.

The “Greenland Block” and The Trough

It’s all about the jet stream and how it moves storm systems in a pattern along the East coast. A “trough” forms when the jet stream dips, and the bad weather sticks around for days or more.

What's the Weather for the End of March?

The Result - a rainy end to March with lower daytime and overnight temperatures, and more snow, but not a lot. Our snow average spread over the first few weeks of March is about 14 inches, and decreases to about 7.7 inches near the end of the month, according to WeatherSpark.

Temps Dipping

We will feel the chill. Overnight lows will be well below freezing around 15℉ until Thursday. The last day of March gets back to close to the low 30’s.

What's The Weather Look Like in April?

This is a short term weather event at the end of March. April might start off a little cooler in Aroostook County, but temps can increase by 15℉ in a couple of weeks. That gets us out of the 30’s and up to the mid 50’s. We’ll take it with more nice weather on the way.

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The Forecast, March 29 - April 1, 2022:

  • Tuesday: Cloudy with a high close to 27
  • Tuesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Low near 15
  • Wednesday: Clear. High around 35
  • Wednesday Night: Clouds. 19 for the low
  • Thursday: Snow, freezing rain and sleet. High close to 39
  • Thursday Night: Rain and fog. 37 for the low
  • Friday: Rain and fog. High close to 45
  • Friday Night: Rain. Low around 30

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