Travel Plans for Thanksgiving

It’s almost time to start getting out the delays and cancellations info - almost time. We still have a little bit to go before the snow starts piling up, but it’s coming.

We’ll keep the focus on the next storm or weather pattern which looks like Sunday night into the first part of next week.

Of course, we all want to know what’s happening with the forecast for Wednesday and Thanksgiving on Thursday. So many of us are either traveling or have family and friends on the road coming to see us.

Here's the Forecast

  • Saturday will be sunny with temps near 36. Not too warm, but no rain or snow which is a good thing.
  • Sunday the clouds move in with rain and snow develop later in the night. That’s a 90% chance. So expect some bad weather going into Monday. 
  • Monday, Rain continues into Tuesday and on through Wednesday and Thanksgiving.
  • Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - a chance of snow and rain and otherwise mostly cloudy. Not exactly what you want to hear, but we’ll wait and see how it plays out. There’s a 30% chance of precipitation.
  • Thanksgiving - many of us go to different locations to celebrate and enjoy time with family. If you are on the road that day, look for some rain and snow showers with clouds. It’s a lot like Wednesday with a 30% chance of precipitation. That’s the look ahead. Here’s what’s going on with the weather for the weekend as we are planning on doing some shopping to get ready for the big feast.
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The best thing is to plan ahead, leave early and keep it slow on the roads. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have a great time with family.

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