101.9 The Rock has more live broadcasts of the Aroostook County High School Basketball season:

Listen live on The Rock as we cover the games on the radio, app & streaming.

Join the Townsquare Media team for play-by-play and commentary with Ryan Guerrette, Jeff Clockedile & Jon Humphrey. Produced by Mark Shaw, and Trent Marshall.

Some great local high school basketball and hockey on the schedule (below). We’re excited to feature your favorite County teams as they compete in 2021. 

New this year is the Rock’s coverage of high school hockey. There are even some basketball games followed directly by hockey games.

Make note of the game times as they are earlier than in the past. 

Listen live and cheer on the athletes as they go head to head with other schools in Aroostook County.

High School Basketball Schedule:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

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