UPDATE: 4:10 AM, Monday, Nov 5th:

Emera Maine Press Release:

Emera Maine crews, along with crews of outside contractors, will be out in full force Monday morning making repairs to equipment damaged by winds over the weekend.

Aroostook County has 6 customers affected, in addition to Hancock at 1,612; Piscataquis County with 455; Penobscot has 876; Washington at 214, with an estimated total of 3,163.

UPDATE: 4:20 PM, Sunday, Nov 4th:

Emera Maine Press Release: 

As of 4 p.m., Emera Maine crews have restored service to an additional 20,000 customers since 11 a.m., bringing the total number of customer outages down to around 10,000. Crews are continuing to make repairs to bring the largest number of customers back online first, working toward smaller outages and more remote locations.

As part of the damage assessment and repair process, Emera Maine has compiled a list of towns where crews will be working Monday. Although crews will continue to work through the evening, customers who have not had service restored by 10 p.m. Sunday should plan to be without power until Monday.

Aroostook County has 585 customers affected, in addition to Hancock at 4,630; Piscataquis County with 1,696; Penobscot has 2,453; Washington at 1,451, with an estimated total of 10,815.

UPDATE: 11 AM, Sunday, Nov 4th

Emera Maine Press Release:

The number of customer outages in Emera Maine's service territory has been reduced from a peak of about 44,000 to about 31,000 after strong winds Saturday and early Sunday. More than 100 reports of winds and trees taking down power lines have been addressed first to ensure public safety.

More than 70 internal and external crews are in the field making repairs, along with tree crews and support staff. Additional staff also has been brought in to the contact center to handle calls from customers.

Aroostook County has 7,401 customers affected, in addition to Hancock at 11,057; Piscataquis County with 3,158; Penobscot has 6,288; Washington at 3,159, with an estimated total of 31,063.


As of Sunday, 4:30 AM (ET): Over 37,000 Mainers, including 9,000 in Aroostook County, are without power after a storm with high winds & gusts swept through parts of the state Saturday night.

Crews are repairing and assessing damage as winds subside Sunday. Additional teams are assisting with downed wires, tree removal and restoring power. Circuits serving the largest numbers of customers are the focus, said Emera Maine.

Aroostook County has 9,000 customers affected, in addition to Hancock at 13,296; Piscataquis County with 3,890; Penobscot has 7,339; Washington at 3,862, with an estimated total of 37,387.

You can call the Customer Contact Center to report outages at (207) 973-2000 or 1-855-EMERA11 (1-855-363-7211). Online is a good place too. Tweet at @emerame. Safety first.

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