When a great opportunity comes our way, the last thing we want to do is let it slip by. Joshua Tweedie saw an opportunity and embraced the moment in The County.

Joshua Andrew Tweedie has had his eye on the grocery business for quite some time. Tweedie had talked with the former owner, Scott Carlin, about the possibility of obtaining the stores once he retired.

That day came and Tweedie took advantage of the opportunity.

However, Tweedie is no stranger to the IGA stores. Having worked at the store in Mars Hill through high school and college, that is when he realized he really enjoyed the grocery business.

Now, he and his wife Sam own 3 stores: Mars Hill IGA in Mars Hill, Star City IGA in Presque Isle, and Hillside IGA in Fort Fairfield.

According to Tweedie, what separates his stores from the rest is customer service and selection of locally grown produce.

Tweedie also said, "We can probably serve a better product being more fresh and local and try to support the local farmers if it's produce or eggs....if we can support local people, then we want to do that."

Another idea they want to incorporate is having a meal of the week special. This is where the customer would pick up a whole meal, all packed and ready to go.

They also want to be able to have customers call in and then they would deliver their order right to their doorstep. This will hopefully help the elderly and shut-ins.

If you are wanting to buy and support locals, on so many different levels, then look no farther than shopping at your local IGA.


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