A 19-year-old man from Lewiston died in a dirt bike crash Saturday morning at Hemond’s Motocross and Offroad Park in Minot.

“Lost Control” of the Dirt Bike and Crashed

The Maine Warden Service said Jessie Moody went over a jump and lost control of his Yamaha YZ dirt bike and went “off the track on a sharp corner and passed through two wooden fences before colliding with an embankment.” The crash happened around 11:30 am.

Wearing a Helmet and Gear

Moody passed away at the scene. He was wearing a helmet and protective gear at the time of the accident. First responders from LifeFlight, the Androscoggin Sheriff’s Office, Minot Fire Department and United Ambulance Service assisted in lifesaving measures.

Wardens: “Speed Appears to be a Contributing Factor”

The Maine Warden Service said “speed appears to be a contributing factor. No other people or dirt bikes were involved in the crash.” Other dirt bikes were present, but no one else was injured.

State Medical Examiner

Moody was taken to Pinette, Dillingham and Lynch Funeral in Lewiston where the Maine State Medical Examiner will do an examination.

More Information to be Released

This story will be updated when more info is released. Follow the Maine Warden Service on Facebook and download the station’s app for free to get breaking news alerts.

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