They’re attempting to build a world record sized ice carousel at the Long Lake Sporting Club in Sinclair.

Here's what it looked like Sunday evening after a weekend of hard work organized by Snowmobile Northern Maine via Facebook (see below):

Crews were still working to finish the massive design - which is cut out of the ice and powered by motors. You can see the work and progress on the Facebook posts below.

Here’s how you build a world record carousel:

Thursday, crews had to snow blow and scrap the perimeter of the giant circle. They also plotted the set up for the center of the carousel. The schedule was from 10 am – 6 pm for this phase.

A GPS was used for the layout and auger holes were cut about 8 feet apart. Locations for the motors to move the carousel were mapped out.

Friday & Saturday, teams worked to make the ring for the circle using chainsaws and drill holes. This was slated to last from 10 am – 6pm.

Sunday, finishing touches are being done to fine-tune the carousel.

The instructions on the Snowmobile Northern Maine Facebook page reads:

“Motor, rotate, enjoy. Please bring your saw, auger, shovel, ice pick, scrape and more. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAN HELP!”

Proceeds benefit the Aroostook County Meals on Wheels Program.

Here's what 2017's carousel looked like:

Good luck to everyone who's helping out! We'll keep you updated!

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