They’ve built a world record sized ice carousel on Long Lake in Sinclair! See the video above posted by Jack Caron.

Below is another look at a job well done (posted by Martin Tin Albert):

The goal is to beat a record set in Finland. The carousel measures 427 feet (130 meters) in diameter. The attempt started a few weeks ago - and it's moving now with the help of motors.

Here’s how you build a world record carousel:

Crews had to snow blow and scrap the perimeter of the giant circle. They also plotted the set up for the center of the carousel.

A GPS was used for the layout and auger holes were cut about 8 feet apart. Locations for the motors to move the carousel were mapped out. Around 1,300 holes were drilled and cut in the 30 inch thick ice.

Teams worked to make the ring for the circle using chainsaws and drill holes.

Finishing touches were applied and the carousel was fine-tuned to set the record!

Proceeds benefit the Aroostook County Meals on Wheels Program.

Here's what 2017's carousel looked like - posted by Snowmobile Northern Maine:

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