A 33-year-old woman was arrested for pointing a gun at an employee at Dunkin’ Donuts in Rumford after she was refused entrance to the store after closing hours.

Woman Pointed Gun at Dunkin’ Employee

The incident happened around 8 pm Wednesday at the Congress Street location after employees did not let her in the closed store to use the phone.

Felony Charges

The Rumford Police Department said Rebecca Sims from Mexico, Maine was charged with Felony Criminal Threatening with a Dangerous Weapon and Threatening Display of a Weapon.

Suspect Pointed Gun at Employees at Drive-Thru

Police said Sims “walked up to the drive-thru window at closing time and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the employee.”

Woman Identified with Photos and Security Footage

Officers identified Sims from an employee’s cell phone photo and description. A K-9 team tried to track her, but she had already left the area in a vehicle. Security footage was also used to ID the suspect.

Warrant Executed at Suspect’s Residence

Rumford Police and the Maine State Police Tactical Team executed a warrant Thursday at her residence at 103 Granite Street in Mexico, Maine.

House Surrounded

Law enforcement “surrounded the assailant’s residence and ordered her out at gunpoint. She was taken into custody without further incident,” said Rumford PD.

Police Seized Loaded Guns, Machete, Hatchet and Bowie Knife

The residence was searched and police seized “four firearms consisting of pistols and a shotgun, including the semi-automatic pistol believed to have been used in the crime, along with a machete, hatchet, bowie knife and multiple loaded magazines ready for use.”

Transported to Jail

Sims was taken to the Oxford County Jail and then transferred to the York County Jail with bail set at $1,000.

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