You may have noticed the caboose is no longer sitting at the old Burger King in Presque Isle.

According to our sources, it was moved Tuesday after being a landmark in Star City for over 40 years.

What happened to the caboose?

Last week, we saw some people doing measurements on the train car and wondered if that meant it was going somewhere. On Saturday, September 25, we took some pictures (see the gallery below). It was still there with no signs of leaving.

Wednesday morning, we were talking about the caboose and my boss said it’s gone.

We quickly went to see and sure enough this is what we saw. Nothing left but the pad it sat on for over 4 decades.

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Where did it go? What's Next?

We’ve talked to a few people that might know where the caboose is and what might happen to it now that it’s moved. The answer - we don’t know yet what the plans are. We’re looking for info from the community.

The caboose has so many memories for generations who grew up having birthday parties there and sitting with your family and  favorite burger and fries. Share those photos if you have them. Everyone would love to see them.

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We also heard of some photos on social media of the caboose on the flatbed. Here are some photos of the pavement scraped from the move.

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We’ll keep investigating until we get to the bottom of it.

The Burger King closed on Saturday, February 1, 2020. It has remained vacant ever since. Presque Isle would love to see something else take its place. 

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Star City Caboose Gallery

The gallery has photos from a few days before the caboose was moved + vacant pad.

The Caboose at the Old Burger King in Presque Isle, Maine