In Maine & New Brunswick, what’s the worst part of a winter storm for you? Take our poll - Do you have a long commute? What do you do when school is cancelled and the kids stay home? Is losing power and heat the biggest thing on your mind when the weather is bad? What are your winter storm backup plans?

Losing Power: How do you stay warm, keep the pipes form freezing, preserve food? Some people have a backup plan like a generator or stove. If you use a generator, is it hard wired to the box or do you put it outside away from the house for safety? Do you have a wood stove that you fire up all the time – or just for outages?

School Cancelled & Kids Home: You need a plan if you have to find someone to watch your kids. Family is a real help if they can do it. Coordinating with other parents is a good solution too. What do you do if your kids aren’t old enough to stay home alone?

Your Commute: One of the toughest things is getting to and from work. Some people live in Houlton and drive back and forth to Presque Isle or Caribou for their day job. How stressful is the dive for you? Do you have to go far or live close enough to your job that it’s not a factor?

Take our poll and let us know. Winter weather is almost over.

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