How Long Does It Take You To Adjust Your Clocks?

In Maine & New Brunswick, we’re very aware of how we tell time - always conscious of Eastern and Atlantic zones. Now that we’re in daylight savings time, how long does it take you to adjust your clocks?

Your smart electronics automatically switch, but there are a clocks, watches and timepieces you have to do on our own. How many do you have, do you have a system, or do you do it when you think about it?

Your Watch - The watch can be complicated if you don’t know the right sequence to push the buttons or which one you have to hold down until it blinks. You have to get around military time, find the date, am & pm, and if you go past the number you have to cycle through again.

The Microwave - It can be easy or hard depending on how it’s set up – true for all appliances and gadgets. But, maybe you don’t worry about the microwave or some things because they never have the right time showing.

Car Clock - Some systems are easy. If you have a smart vehicle, then it changes for you like your cell phone.If it doesn't work, then you know what they say about a broken clock.

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