Brian Mosher recently posted a video on Facebook of him playing the banjo for the first time. We wanted to share it because it shows one of the most talented musicians around learning an instrument right before your eyes and ears. 

We spoke to Brian and asked him some questions about the post and learning the banjo. 

Learning the Banjo

He’ll be the first to tell you, it’s a work in progress, but you can see the songwriting take shape. On his Facebook post he said, “So someone gifted me a new toy last week. I’ve played a total of 5 minutes. I don’t know any chords, I have no idea what I’m doing. Being a finger picker I thought it would come easy but I was wrong. I guess I’ll always be a songwriter though...this just came out. I have a  long way to go.”

Brian said he always is trying to better himself. “You don’t know everything about the piano and guitar, but sometimes playing a new instrument will give a fresh perspective. I’m a songwriter more than anything else. Even more than a musician, I write songs. The banjo is another tool in the tool box.”

Breaking Down Inhibitions

He said he liked what he played, knowing it’s just a start, and he’s not hesitant to put out a video like that on Facebook. “I like to show everyone what I’m up to. Breaking down inhibitions is what it takes sometimes to be a good musician. I think you have to know that you stink and acknowledge that you hope you’ll get better.”

We asked him what his goal was? “I would like to play a song on the banjo - that’s my goal.” 

Part of the reason Brian records pieces of music like this is to be able to remember what he’s playing. He said he likes to “look back at it again and figure it out.”

Brian said the feedback on Facebook has been good. Most people say they love the banjo. It’s also a way to get away from all the other stuff on social media.

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Mosher has been playing with Common Crossing since 1995 and the Star City Syndicate since 2016. He said the banjo probably won’t become a part of the bands, but he thinks it might be something he’ll play solo.

Does he play it for the family? He said he hasn’t “bothered the family yet” with the banjo.

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