An 18-year-old man from Upper Woodstock, N.B., who was wanted on an arrest warrant in connection with a recent drug investigation has turned himself into police. 

Austin Roberts is charged with possession of a restricted weapon, unsafe storage of a restricted weapon, possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking, fail to comply with condition of an undertaking. 

On August 12, members form the West District Crime Reduction Unit along with the Woodstock Police Force executed a search warrant at a residence on Court Street in Upper Woodstock in relation to a drug trafficking investigation. 

Police arrested a 25-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman at the scene, and seized quantities of what are believed to be methamphetamine, hydromorphone and fentanyl. A loaded handgun and loaded shotgun, along with drug trafficking paraphernalia and cash, were also seized. 

Later that day, Alex Busch and Violet Roberts, both from Upper Woodstock, appeared in Woodstock Provincial Court and were each charged with: 

  • Possession of a prohibited weapon (two counts) 
  • Unsafe storage of a prohibited weapon (two counts) 
  • Possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking 
  • Possession of hydromorphone for the purpose of trafficking 
  • Possession of fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking 
  • Failure to comply with a judge's undertaking 

They were both remanded into custody and are scheduled to appear in court again on August 17, for bail hearings. 

Austin Roberts will appear in court by way of a teleremand on August 15. 

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