A Deputy with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office was attacked and bitten by two dogs as he was attempting to arrest two people with warrants in Baldwin on Thursday.

Two Dogs Attacked Deputy

The Deputy was at the Pequawket Trail residence around 9:14 am to take into custody 40-year-old Cory-Jo Bello and 37-year-old Samantha Bello.

Deputy Shot Dogs after Attacks

The Sheriff’s Office said the homeowners “released two dogs from the residence. The dogs charged and attacked one of the Patrol Deputies. One dog would not release their bite and the Deputy shot the dog once with their service weapon. While the first dog was attacking the Deputy, a second dog began to attack and was also shot.”

Deputy Treated at Hospital

First responders evaluated the Deputy at the scene. He was taken to Maine Medical Center and later released. No further information about his condition was made available.

Dogs Transported to Vet

The dogs were taken to a local veterinarian. Both the Maine State Police and the Standish/Baldwin Animal Control Unit assisted at the scene. Additional information about the dogs has not been released.

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Arrests and Charges

Cory-Jo Bello was arrested on his outstanding warrant and is facing charges for Assault and Violating Conditions of Release. Samantha Bello was also arrested on her warrant from Massachusetts. She has been charged as a Fugitive from Justice. They were both taken to the Cumberland County Jail.

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