The Houlton Police Department along with Houlton Public Works, RSU 29 and South Street residents have improved traffic in their local area by installing “speed humps.”

You’ll see them as you approach the Southside and Elementary school zones in Houlton, said the Houlton Police department on their Facebook.

The safety measures are in place to increase safety on South Street for pedestrians and motorists in both residential areas and school zones. 

It’s always so important to travel at posted speeds in any neighborhood and school zone. The weather is nice and students are out and about. Safety is the number one focus always and the new signs and speed bumps will make it safer.

Take a look at the photos of the new warning signs. The “speed humps'' have been painted bright yellow to get the attention of motorists and residents.  Crews will also add street lettering for awareness.

Houlton Police, Houlton Public Works and RSU 29 thanked motorists for their safety efforts and cooperation. 

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Spreading the word to make all motorists and residents aware of the changes is very important. get the message out to be lawful, courteous and safe in all areas of Houlton.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the Houlton Police Department. They are located at 97 Military Street in Houlton. You can pay them a visit or reach them by phone at (207) 532-2287. Messages on their Facebook page is also a convenient way to contact HPD with any inquiries. Chief Tim DeLuca is the Chief of Police.

Visit HPD’s homepage for additional info.

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