I'm a big free speech guy but I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I don't know if it's really a great idea that we are allowed to put anything, and I mean ANYTHING, on our Maine license plates. Do you know why it's not a good idea? Because, Mainers, being the cantankerous and irreverent bunch that we are, actually WILL ACTUALLY PUT ANYTHING ON OUR LICENSE PLATES. That's why we call this week's bumper crop of vanity plates, One Hot Mess. The people who make these plates (are they still made in prisons?) must laugh out loud all day long at the special vanity orders they have to fulfill.  Most of these I could not even say over the air, but you can see them driving down your street!

All of these amazing plates you are about to see are from the greatest collection of Maine vanity plates on this or any other planet. Morgan and his crew at Vanity of Maine  You could spend hours going through all these. But why do that? You're wicked busy? Instead, let US waste the time and give you just the doozies.

WARNING: OK, if you are a classy and sophisticated type of person who just doesn't go for the low-brow-in-the-gutter stuff, then stop right here and instead go make this awesome chicken wing recipe from my friend Tommy C. You're welcome.

For the rest of you....let's go to the Dark Side. We will grade on a 1-10 scale of One-Hot-Mess-ness.


I actually think this is a little more creative than just WTF. The person probably HAD to go this route as I am SURE that WTF was taken as a Maine vanity plate eons ago.  Giving it an 8. it has a good beat and I can dance to it.....


WOAH. That's a double-take plate.  That.s a 9.5. And right back at ya btw...


Literally ZERO. That how many of them they give. Although if you say it real fast it sounds like you are saying Happy Thanksgiving.  Try it now. A solid 7 btw.


I actually looked up the definition of this word. It's "a stupid or contemptible person."  Was going to give you an 8 but since you are a veteran it's a 9. Thank you for your service. And your silly license plate.


Just. Weed.  8.5


This person likes beef, pork, and maybe the keto diet.  I'm praying that's what this is all about. 7.5


Did you know that you're most likely to set something on FIRE while drinking tequila as opposed to other types of alcohol? Your fun fact for today. Giving it a 7.5.


Go get it. 10.0 and proper use of the F word. We love ya.


Here's our winner this week.  Very Maine. Somewhat creative. Laughed out loud.


That's our One Hot Mess Edition of Maine Vanity Plates for the week. Thanks to this plate's owner for the inspiration for our theme this week! Happy Motoring!



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