So much disruption in our world. Global pandemics. Social unrest. Shark attacks. Up is down, left is right, cats and dogs living together. I mean, really. But there is one constant in our lives that continue. It's the fact that Mainers continue to come up with the most creative, insightful, and profane license plates on the planet. We put things on our license plates that we would never tell a friend or co-worker, let alone a complete stranger who happens to be passing us on the Maine Turnpike. Our friend Morgan is the King of Maine Vanity on Instagram and knows all and sees all when it comes to the Vanity Plate in the Pine Tree State. Here are our picks for the Best of July 2020. And yes, we will be handing out gold, silver and bronze medals. Let's go!

This first one gets a Gold Medal. The fact that this person has the July 4 license plate is enough. The fact that they fly the Stars and Stripes puts it right over the top. Our winner for July!



What is it with quilting in Maine? Sooooo New England, right? Giving this the Silver Medal because it seems they HAVE to quilt



Giving this a Bronze Medal. What happened here? Is this a personal record of some sort. I like what they are putting down here but would love the whole story. Tacos for everyone.


Love this. Bronze Medal.


Umm. OK. Why put this on a plate? Bronze, reluctantly.


Funny. Silver Medal.


With the heatwave in many parts of Maine this past week, the pool was the place to be.  GOLD for being topical.


Ok. Giving GOLD but I know I will get complaint emails on this.


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