I am so thankful right now for the things that are constant in my life. There is so much change and disruption. The things that have made it through the pandemic so far are some of the strongest forces in the world. My friends. My family. Good Maine microbrews. Classic Rock. And crazy and ridiculous Maine Vanity License Plates.

Thank you, Mainers for staying the course and keeping it more than real on the roads of our fine state.

Morgan-the King of Maine Vanity Plates is back with another photo gallery of amazing vanity license plates ranging from the insightful to the outright rude and inappropriate.

Mainers continue to amaze us with what they will put on their cars. This basically is their message to the world. More succinct than a Facebook post. And with usually a bigger audience, as thousands of your fellow motorists will get to see it.

And remember, in Maine, you can say WHATEVER you want on your plate, as long as it's seven characters or less.

We're a bit jealous, we would get in BIG trouble with the FCC for saying a lot of things on-air that we see on the highways and byways of Maine.

OK, let's check out this week's bumper crop of license plates. Keep 'em coming, Morgan!

Maine Vanity Plate Fun

If you have a crazy plate you want to share, email it to me at herb.ivy@townssquaremedia.com and I'll get it direct to Morgan pronto. Maybe you'll make next week's batch. Happy Motoring!

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