Put it on your County Bucket List! Allagash Falls is a must when visiting northwest Aroostook County. The falls reflect the true beauty of a remote part of Maine.

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Enjoy northern Maine safely. Plan ahead, tell someone where you're going and how long you'll be.

Safety first. In 2016, a man was swept over the falls on a kayak and waited hours for rescue. He was luckily found by a canoeing party. Read the full account here

The waterfall drops 30 feet in a scenic setting on the the Allagash River. An adventure trip in canoes or kayaks is the best access. The falls end at the Twin Brook Ledges rapids.

The famous Allagash Abductions occurred, August 20th, 1976 on Eagle Lake - down river from the falls.

Explore the area and you might find where a tornado cleared a great swath in the forest on August 15, 1958.

Rest and relax at the picnic tables. Go in the water safely. Plus, fish in May & June for brook trout. Watch out for the mosquitoes & black flies.

You can see Priestly Mountain directly south. Keep a look out for eagles & ospreys. The Allagash Village is down river where the Allagash joins the St. John.

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