If you use the Spectrum TV App on Roku, the cable company is warning that you could lose it.

In our house, we've used the Spectrum TV App ever since we got our Roku about 4 years ago. Most of what I watch is on streaming services like Disney+, Paramount+, HBO Max, YouTube and Pluto TV, but Michele has several channels like TLC and Lifetime that she can't live without. So we signed up for Spectrum streaming and can watch about 30 channels, including locals, on any streaming device in the house. It's very convenient, inexpensive and doesn't require a cable box.

When I started up the Roku yesterday to watch the new Superman and Lois series on demand on the Spectrum TV app, I got a warning to be sure I don't uninstall the Spectrum TV app or I may lose it and not be able to watch it on Roku anymore. I of course wondered what was up.

Turns out that Spectrum and Roku were unable to come to an agreement to keep the Spectrum TV app on Roku. It's similar to the delay in getting HBO Max on Roku as the two companies kept haggling over a price to make it happen.

In a post on Spectrum's website, they say, "This change may prevent new downloads of the Spectrum TV app to your Roku device, but you can still access your full video library by downloading the Spectrum TV app to your Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, smartphone or tablet."

A similar issue happened with the Twitch App on Roku. It was removed from Roku and I could still use it for about a year, but then it suddenly didn't work anymore after a Roku software upgrade. Will the same thing happen to the Spectrum TV app? Let's hope not.

My take here is that an agreement needs to be made. Roku has over 41 million users and streaming is the future of cable TV. As long as this haggling continues, the real losers are the customers.

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