New Catalytic Converter Law

A new law goes into effect In August that requires catalytic converters to be engraved or have markings to be sold for cash to a scrap metal facility.

Multiple Thefts in Maine

This is in response to many businesses having to pay the cost for repairing their vehicles after multiple thefts occurred in December of last year, according to WGME.

Current Law Requires ID and Signed Form

There is currently a state law in place that requires an ID be shown and a statement signed to confirm a catalytic converter is not stolen.

Car Dealers Will Need to Mark Parts

The marking process will come down to the car dealer to engrave the vehicle identification number (VIN) on catalytic converters. For a recycler, they are required to put the VIN or their recycler’s license number and stock number on the part.

Car Owners Responsibility

You also have to mark a catalytic converter if you remove it. The only exception is if you are working on a vehicle and remove the catalytic converter just temporarily.

Getting a Identification Number

The new law that goes into effect on August 8, 2022 addresses how to deal with a catalytic converter that has already been removed or is damaged. The secretary of state’s office must be contacted. They will assign an identification number for the part in question.

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