As a dedication to Maine State Troopers who have died in the line of duty, 12 roadways in the state will have memorial signs put up to honor the fallen. 

The bill was signed into law back in June of 2021 by Governor Mills to pay respect to the 12 Maine State Troopers who have lost their lives over the 100 years of the Maine State Police service.

Colonel John Cote said the signs will be a reminder to never forget the ultimate sacrifice the fallen troopers made. Cote said “These markers are part of the commitment to our fallen and their surviving families that as an agency and a state, we will never forget their sacrifice.” 

There will be signs all along the state from York County in southern Maine to Aroostook County in northern Maine.

The memorial signs will be placed close to the road for everyone to see and pay their respects, will be placed as close as possible to the area the fallen officer patrolled.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Bill Diamond, emphasized the importance of recognizing the fallen heroes we’ve lost in the past and “any troopers we may sadly lose in the future.”

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A few signs went up last week. One memorial sign was put up in Thomaston by the family of Trooper James Drew Griffith. He was killed on April 15, 1996 when his cruiser was struck by another vehicle. Another sign was placed in York for Trooper Charles Black who was shot and killed on July 9 1964 during an armed robbery at Maine National Bank in South Berwick.

Officials said more signs will be going up soon and this story will be updated with the information.

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