A 29-year-old man was arrested for drug trafficking fentanyl and attacking Portland police officers on Sunday.

Man Fled Cops and Fought with Officers

The Portland Police Department said Scott Thomas” ran away” when police arrived at 155 Riverside Street around 1:15 pm to respond to “man refusing to leave the area.”

Officer Injured during Fight

Officers located Thomas at 242 Riverside where he got into a fight with law enforcement before being arrested. An officer was hurt during the altercation and was taken to Mercy Hospital with minor injuries.

Fentanyl Seized and Crack Found at Jail

Police seized 27 grams of fentanyl in his possession. After Thomas was taken to the Cumberland County Jail, police also found 3.6 grams of crack “hidden inside him,” according to WGME News.

Suspect Facing Multiple Charges

Thomas was charged with aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs, refusing to submit to arrest and/or detention, two counts of assault on a police officer, unlawful possession of cocaine base and aggravated drug trafficking in prison contraband.

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