Police arrested a man after three armed robberies in church parking lots in Maine on Sunday.

Man In Custody after Three Armed Robberies

The Maine State Police did not release the name of the suspect who committed “three armed robberies in church parking lots in Parsonsfield, Cornish, and Baldwin.”

Man Told Victims he had a Revolver

“The subject brandished a dark colored revolver at one robbery and referenced it at the other two,” said police.

Description of Suspect

Troopers and local police had been searching for a white male between the age of 20 to 30-years-old. He was described as 5’8” with black hair and a dark blue coat.

Vehicle Description

The suspect was believed to be driving a silver or gray Subaru with New Hampshire plates 4736715.

Police Said Do Not Approach Suspect

Police advised the public to not approach him and to call 911 with any information.

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